Here we are in the prime time shopping and giving season. You could get your loved one a sweater or a spa gift certificate,  but I hope you will stretch your thoughts to consider giving the gift of health.

If your in Temecula, consider these local resources, and if your not local, perhaps find the equivalent in your area. These are all people I know personally, and have a huge heart to help. 

1. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Alive and Well

Oxygen plus a pressure chamber equals healing on various levels, muscle recovery, and more. Spend one hour in the chamber while you and your cells get recharged. Some feel improvements after one session, but more are needed for chronic issues. Cindy Kelly is a healer at heart and also offers colon hydrotherapy. 

2. Yummy Unique Food Treats at Artisan's Palate

Hand selected and some locally sourced clean foods to fuel and nourish your body. The store even offers farm fresh eggs and meat, along with prepared meals. Pia Maffei is the owner and is a powerhouse of knowledge, and is passionate about education and clean eating. 

3. House Cleaning from Maid Pro

Who doesn’t love a clean house? Especially around this time of year, we are indoors more. Hand over the duty for a one time or on going clean to a company who background checks, and is legit on having the proper insurance for commercial and residential. Trish Duarte is an angel, and while she is behind the scenes, your in her trusted and caring hands.

4. Grief Counseling with Rosie Fox

This time of year can bring up unresolved hurts from various forms of loss.The Grief Recovery Institute has a book and a 9 week program. Remember that loss isn’t always that someone has passed on, it can be a change in relationship, or a loss of  what could have been. Rosie Fox is compassionate and gifted at helping people heal their hearts. 

5. Muscle Recovery with PEMF from MARS

Pulsed Electro-Magetic Field (PEMF) is a healing electrical current that helps our cellular energy. It is helpful for a range of conditions, and the results can be felt in one treatment. If you have pain, nerve issues, fatigue, and even depression, this powerful current maybe able to be a part of your healing plan. Craig and Libby Johns have helped many and have great hospitality.

                          Health is your greatest wealth!

Please reach out to any of these amazing local business for more details. Happy Holidays! 

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