This type of medicine was started in Germany over 200 years ago by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. He found that you could take a substance and dilute it 30 or more times, and this medicine, had the capability of being just strong enough to be given to the patient to help cure their symptoms.

The prefix “homeo” means the same; and when prescribing, we use a philosophy of “like cures like”. A case history of how something is feeling, looking, and other general things about the person are taken into account to find the right remedy. An easy example is a case of poison ivy; there is a homeopathic remedy called Rhus Tox (short of Toxicodendron) that may match the person’s ailments and is actually made from the plant that can cause poison ivy.

    One of my 1st memories learning about the healing power of homeopathic medicine, was while on a clinic rotation as a 4th year Naturopathic medical student in 2008, with Dr. Judy Peabody, ND. Then, she was a beautiful brunette who often had a coffee in her hand, a great sense of humor, and gorgeous eyelashes. Turned out I think she was ahead of her time, as she had started getting eyelash extensions then, which present day, now we see many women with them, but back then, she was the only person I knew.

We were wrapping up our clinic shift with her, which took place in a hospital like setting, in a classroom at a local community college. Dr. Peabody was telling us about how Naturopathic Medicine was a second career for her. She was first a patient to naturopathic medicine later in life, for arthritis, which meant she had inflammation and pain in her joints. She proceeded to tell us that her ND at the time prescribed a homeopathic medicine for her ailment, and simultaneously as she stood straight in her professional dressed pant suit and heels, she proceeded to go down, into the splits! Dr. Judy Peabody, a then 60 some year old lady, did the splits, right before my eyes, as a sign of a successfully treated case of arthritis. She then decided to pursue a career to help others.

In my practice I’ve seen chronic coughs and migraines go into remission, headaches and hormonal imbalances just stop, including moods change like PMS;  swelling and bruising improve, rashes get clear, and more.

Homeopathic medicine is individualized to the person, taking into account their particular presentation of a condition, and even aspects of their personality maybe a factor, if aiming for what is called your constitutional remedy.  We can view homeopathy to be applied in several ways. The first level, maybe a first aid situation, like the poison ivy example, or even bruising with the use of arnica. Next level maybe acute, like a respiratory illness or stomach ache. Then, we get to the constitutional level for the chronic conditions.

Personally, I have suffered from chronic migraines. They started to even be predictable, at first not even to myself, but to my co-workers several years ago. It became a pattern that the 1st Friday of the month I was calling out sick, as I was vomiting with a migraine. I had tried many things, and spent thousands on chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, supplements, and even bio-identical progesterone. Sure perhaps I got some relief, and maybe on some days improvement, but nothing was lasting. Until I finally got prescribed a homeopathic remedy. Just after only 4 days of taking what seems like sugar pills in a small $8 tube, I went an entire year with no migraines, no vomiting! Since then, I did have a relapse, and currently in the process of trying another homeopathic remedy, as my case has changed, and the pattern is now different.

Give it a try, talk to your local naturopathic doctor. We are all uniquely made, and respond to treatments differently. While I can’t say for certain that you will have miraculous healing with homeopathy, I am definitely hopeful, that it is possible.

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