Health Apps are a great way to help us hold and track information, help with accountability, and educate us, or even help us reach our goals. Here are a few of my favs right now:


1. Period Tracker: the free version is just fine! I’ve been personally using this for years and recommend it to many of my female patients. As women we should all know our cycles, it can help us track our fertility, or tell us when our next cycle is excepted. There are many apps that can do this; however, I like this one as I can track other aspects of health. One of my favorite features is in the “symptoms” area. There are pre-program symptoms like headaches, indigestion, or tender breasts; so if you feel any of those, you just tap the screen. I have years of data of most of my symptoms, and if I can’t classify it into a common one, I can free write in the notes section. Yet another section is the mood one, so I can quickly capture an emotion such as irritability or sadness.

What’s the point?  I think the point in data collection is to see if there are trends. I was able to see what hormonal symptoms were occurring so I can better get a solution by really understanding the problem and pattern.

Click Here To Download Period Tracker App For Apple, or Google Play.


2. Echo: a prayer app. I would find myself often after hearing a sad story, saying, “I’ll pray for you.” Then I would feel nearly ashamed, when later, I was having a hard time recalling, who and what I was to be praying for. I went to paper and pen at first, and would write in my journal regularly, name and request. During the day I’d find myself occasionally reaching for the phone to provide almost a little break in the work day.

Usually I’d head over to social media, but found I wasn’t getting fulfillment, and it certainly wasn’t a break. A break is to be peaceful, quiet, or a release of the mind. I found my mind would occasionally find laughter in a post, but more often it could lead to a series of minutes where all I could do was scroll and scroll. The idea came to me, “wouldn’t I be better off going to something positive, focusing on something that mattered more, but that only took a few minutes.” A combination of these needs, made me ask the question, is there a prayer app?

Wouldn’t it be cool if during the day, for my break I prayed for Jane’s migraines to be healed, and no longer had to flip pages of paper, but had one page on my phone, where I could keep track of also answered prayers. I later found a side benefit that I was taking a stand for others, rather than comparing myself to their seeming picture perfect life. This prayer app features titles of prayers and descriptions that you write, and then holds an answered section. It has a pray button that almost walks you like a power point of all your prayers, and you “scroll’ through. You think about others, and the desires of their hearts or the healing that they need, and suddenly there is no comparison.

Click Here To Download Echo App For Apple or Google Play.


3. Coach Connect: an app that I get to use from working with “Project You” in the 90 day Transformation. So you may not have access unless you’ve got a coach, sorry. Here is what I love. One, it is counting the days of my program which helps me keep track of progress, along with an inspirational quote. I log my food and water, with just a couple buttons. It even will keep track of your “elimination” aka your bowel movements, and shows you a chart of shape or lack of,  just like I do with my patients on their visits. I love that it holds my goals like exercise, mediation, and sleep, and it shows my graph of how much I’ve accomplished of each. There is also an note section.

Click Here to learn more about my “Project You” Health Coach, Courtney.

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