A new year means a new you!!! Hopefully you’ve already written down a few goals, often number one, is to lose weight, gain muscle, increase energy; or improve a certain condition/ailment. All of these goals have in common, to a point, that if you did a little deep cleaning in your body, it would jump start the process for your body. 

Deep cleaning for your body? You know the process for your house-getting rid of clutter, doing a good scrub of surfaces, etc...well I think of the same for our body. The focal point being what goes in our mouth, out of digestive system, and how we can support our liver, which in the main detoxification organ. 

Supporting the liver, requires other organs to help get the toxins out, and includes the colon, skin, kidneys, and lungs. Your liver operates in 2 detox pathways, called phase 1 and phase 2. Both of which require plenty of nutrients, including folic acid, glutathione, B2, B3, B6, B12, Vitamins A, C, & E, and amino acids, amongst others. 

The holidays brought on an onslaught of foods that lack key nutrients and antioxidants, and often are inflammatory, ex. Sugar, Gluten, Dairy, etc. Give yourself a restart, so that your body can get geared up with all it needs to help you have your best year. 

A 14 day detox, can simply be that you abstain from the common food offenders that don’t contribute to our best health-sugar, gluten, dairy, corn, and soy, oh and alcohol! You can take it a step further, but adding specific supplements that aid in digestion and  liver detoxification.

My favorite is what I call “Detox in A Box”. This box provides a specific protein shake blend, along with supplements that support phase 1 and 2 liver detoxification. It’s an easy way to free up some time in the kitchen, as you have 2 shakes per day for meals provided in the detox kit, and then one meal that follows a clean eating guide per day, with healthy snacks as options. 

Often my patients report that digestion and energy improve, along with some losing weight, although weight loss isn’t the intention of the detox. Interested to learn more?

Go to and type in “paleocleanse” or “vegecleanse” to find the Design’s For Health 14 day detox kits. (If you are a current patient, we have an added special bonus for accountability, please send me a message via Charm Patient Portal and I can help get you set up. )

I challenge you to eat clean for January! Kick the sugar, alcohol, excess carbs, etc. Pick a start date and go for it! If you need help, I’m here for you. Now, let’s go make a plan for success. 

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