I feel like I just woke up in a sense. Here we are in February 2020, and I’ve recently realized I’ve been “asleep”. Actually, I blame it partially on fatigue at why that has been such.

I’ve metaphorically been asleep at my life. To me being asleep at life has meant, I was a walking zombie, going through the motions. I wasn’t pursuing my goals, even though just a month or so ago I wrote some down. 

It’s like I had the cozy covers pulled over my head. Yet I’d tell people about my “once upon a time” story about living my best year ever, and that was now approaching to be 5 years ago! My dreams were far from reality, because they were buried in tired potential. 

What woke me up? A combination of things. What got me into action? A friend, as it often the case, and the realization I need to make my dreams my current reality. 

Have you been asleep at your life? What dream have you buried in bed? Maybe you wanted to play the guitar, start dancing, lower your blood sugar, balance your hormones, be the best dad, or make the promotion. Wake up and see your life in color, instead of black and white. 

Join me on a 21 day journey! Ask yourself, what would happen over the course of the next 3 weeks that would bring you more joy and health??? 

The challenge is NOW. Make a decision, and do it!

PSS. I’m excited to share a new app that we can use to help you have better nutrition with a specific menu plan to help meet our wellness goals, as well as tracking tools. I’ll tell you more when we chat. 

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This article is intended to be a 3 part series that weaves a variation of concepts regarding sleep